Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 9!


This past week, even though time is winding down, was really one of the busiest weeks here in Washington, D.C. Working on my web seminar that my boss will moderate in August, setting up new websites for the commission, and representing the ABA at a diversity job fair were among the things I did at work this week. I however want to talk about how thrilled I was to have the opportunity to attend the 21st anniversary of the ADA gala on Tuesday. There, I was able to network with many people who are somewhat power players in the field of disability law and policy. I was appreciative of the opportunity because I got a chance to talk to them, learn about them and where they come from as far as background experience. All that, I keep in mind, as I set my own path for the future, taking what I know, and what I learned, and utilizing that to the best of my advantage. When I leave here and go back to Rochester, New York, I know I will realize how beneficial networking really was and how lucky I was to be chosen as one of the interns for AAPD’s internship program here in D.C. I hope to keep in touch with everybody I have met this summer and build upon those relationships in the future.

The softball game this week was so close! We, the ABA, won 16-15. I unfortunately was not a part of this one due to the other team only having 5 players and my boss/coach putting me on the other team. I was not upset or slighted by this but delighted in the chance to see if I could beat my team. I went 4-4 with 5 RBIs but man, ABA came back in the bottom of the seventh inning with a walk-hit to win the game. Aw shucks, it was a fun experience nevertheless!

The other night, after a long long week of work that concluded with representing the ABA at an diversity career job fair, I got to let loose and go out on Friday night for a couple drinks with friends. I also got to go out the next night, to a rooftop pool party, that apartment building did overlook the Nationals baseball field so it was cool to watch the game from the rooftop with friends.

There’s nothing like having a balance of work and fun to give me the ultimate peace of mind. Stay tuned as this experience comes to a conclusion…

-Colton J

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