Monday, August 1, 2011

Last Week Already?

AAPD orientation seemed like it was just yesterday. I woke up to the realization, that it’s the last week of my internship. Unbelievable, I should have anticipated it. It happens all the time when you do not want things to end. Truly, I enjoyed every moment of my internship experience. I met a lot of wonderful people. I do not want to leave my friendly co-workers but knowing it’s that time. I will definitely consider applying for a job with the USDA in the future, and hope USDA feels the same about me.

I want to thank AAPD for giving me this opportunity to explore and experience being in D.C. and this wonderful internship experience. I would not have done it without AAPD’s help. I had a great professional mentor who helped me with advice that will benefit me in the future. I also met up with few other people who were able to give me ideas and hope. There was an ADA celebration where there were speakers and the interns got an award from AAPD, which is a big honor to all of us. A lot of people came and I got to meet a few people. I wish I could get to know each person but it’s not always easy. I will miss the memories that I created here when I leave. I will miss the friends that I made through the internship. It was also nice to see my old friends who lived here in D.C.

Last week, I went to the White House for a self-guided tour and I had an amazing time. My internship offered my department an opportunity for the tour and it was wonderful. The White House is really big compared to what it seems from the outside. I absolutely loved looking at the pictures from the past of our previous presidents. I also met Obama’s dog! The dog is so adorable! I guess you have to be at the right place at the right time to spot lucky things.

I taught a sign language class at work to a small group of people. It was a fun experience, and I got to teach a little about deaf culture, a little about the difference between the sign languages, preferences of an individual, and of course some basic signs. The people who attended were highly motivated. We played a game, phone line- where there are two lines of people to pass a sentence on from the first person to the last person to see if the signs have been changed or are the same. I signed “I love working at USDA”, and one line of people signed “I love working at FE” while the other line of people signed “I love *hand shake*”. It was really funny. They asked me a couple of questions and it was an hour class. Some of people were disappointed that there won’t be another class but hopefully they will have the opportunity to take more classes in the future.

This past weekend, I ate at Ben Chili’s Bowl for the last time. I will miss that place dearly when I leave here. I know I am so into food for some reason. I finally tried Etete’s but it was not my favorite at all. I guess my taste buds do not go well with Ethopian restaurants or I will have to try different things on the menu. I also went to Georgetown Cupcakes for the last time.

Let’s make this week the best one of the summer!

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