Monday, August 1, 2011

AAPD Graduation !!

This was a very exciting week. American Association of People with Disabilities was hosting it's graduation ceremony on Tuesday. The celebration was really fun all day long. It first started off where I and the  rest of the crew got to get our photos taken at the U.S. Capitol. How sweeet can that get! Then the crew and I walked over to the Dirksen Senate Building where we all prepared ourselves for the big moment. On the way to the Dirksen Senate Building I got to go through the Hart Senate Building. I thought the Hart Senate Building was the nicest building of all the congressional buildings I had been in. It was really fancy and possesed a more upbeat feel to the environment of the building.

Once we arrived at the Audotorium in the Dirksen Senate Building, our director Michael Murray had us all pracitice walking up to the stage in order to make sure we maintained professionalism in the ceremony. Pop such as coke and pepsi was provided in the audotorium along with small appetizers. The best part of the cereomony was that I got to see Congressman Hoyer and Secretary Sebelius. I really loved the way how Secretary Sebelius had emphasized a long term goal of reducing the number of elderly people having to be in nursing homes and providing more home health care services in the future as the baby boom generation ages someday and makes long term care totally different than today's time period. I also enjoyed seeing my own Congressman that I intern for speak about how the signing of the American with Disabilities Act in 1990 was his greatest accomplishment that he helped put forward. Later that week on Thursday, I got to have a good lunch with my mentor Michael Winter at the United States Department of Transportation Building. Then on Saturday, I got to meet up with my Neighbor's niece from my home state of Ohio in which I had a good lunch with in Silver Springs, Maryland. Overall, my week was very good and very amusing.

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