Monday, August 6, 2012

This summer...

So, as I began to think about what I should write this week I thought to myself: where did this summer go? I mean really, I can’t believe it is week ten already. I decided to spend this post trying to figure out what happened to this summer. Have you ever used that “Year in Statuses” program on Facebook? Well, if you have, know this blog is going to read a lot like one of the collages that could be generated by that program. So, this is what happened this summer:

I traveled for the first time across state lines in my wheelchair (using Amtrak); Met my roommates; we became live advertisements for Target the first couple of days we were here; Jess and I learned how to fit in the Metro elevators together; a metro door closed on my wheelchair (six people rescued me); Orientation week; Joyce Bender dubbed me a trouble-maker; crash course in disability history; went to church; Visited with my grandma days before she died; met my aunt London for the first time; intern Bible Study; Dan walked me to the Metro station; struggled, NICL women’s forum;  Security clearance; received my badge (and felt special); Created a presentation for managers and employees on the reasonable accommodation process, CRPD hearing; CRPD mark-up; went to small group with my mentor; learned of the greatness of frozyo (it’s Kosher!); went to the Air Force memorial with a friend from home; went to the AIR orientation; resume workshop; Schedule A; watched fireworks from my roommates window; medical issues, rode a handcycle in Maryland; JFA Awards (I am CP!); Disability Pride Parade in Philly; 30th Street Station with Yoshiko; planned women’s forum for DHS; Sunday evening reflections; read books; met awesome people; Roti (“see you later” dinner); tested people’s patience; swallowed my pride; learned about mobility assistance dogs; great conversations with my roommates; FDR Memorial; laughing purely from exhaustion; cleaned; ordering groceries; Starbucks meetings; lunch with friends; MLK Memorial; ACMS data entry; Wal-Mart cupcake party; Lebanese Tavernea; prayed elevators would keep working; wrote a business case and learned a lot.

There is much more I am sure but I have already gone over my word limit. I just have to say that I am so thankful for this opportunity and experience. It has been a sweet gift. Thank you AAPD for making all of this possible for me!  

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