Monday, August 6, 2012

D.C. in D.C.- week 10

Hello my fellow Americans, I just started my post off like this because I'm a silly person, in which I hope everyone enjoyed my humor this summer! Last week flew by so fast and this coming week marks the last days of my internship. Throughout this past week, I did a little venturing out on my own but not nearly as much as I hoped to accomplish this summer. I kept putting  off all of my museum visits by constantly telling myself "I'm going to be here for 10 weeks, I have enough time to see all the places I want to." But to my surprise, I managed to see about 3/5ths of places I wanted to see while here this summer. Although, I must admit that I did get to go to some pretty cool places (hints the 3/5ths) like the Library of Congress and The Pentagon!

Again, as I mentioned before, last week went by so fast and the only couple of things that hit the top of my chart of "cool things" was that the employees in my department ODIFP (Office of Data Integration and Food Protection) threw all of us interns a cookout which was nice because I missed so many cookouts back home.

Next would definitely be that when I visited The Pentagon and I had the opportunity to sign a book that would be given to the families of the victims of  9/11 who lost their lives at The Pentagon once it was all the way full. A sombering moment that really hit home. The tour guides, who were both members of our Armed Forces pointed out where you could see the difference in the outside layer of brick and how they tried to replicate what the not-so damaged inner layer looked like; you could still see the scorch marks from the jet fuel fire stained against the inner layer of brick which burned upward of 1,000 degrees. I remember when it happened, I was in the 6th grade in middle school. It was mainly the reason why when I turned 17, I joined the Navy, sadly enough, I didn't get to go help give the payback that the other Americans in the Armed Forces does, but nevertheless I want to come back to DC soon and fight the good fight even if it is on the civilian side of the war efforts in defending this great nation we all call home.

I want to move forward with my highlights because thinking about 9/11 makes me angry, not so much that I want to flip out but it is well said that "We Will Never Forget". Lastly, on the brighter side of my week, I did get to go see The Dark Knight Rises which really blew my socks off! One reason it did was because it costed 12 dollars to see and another reason was that it was three hours long! I won't complain though because in my opinion it was worth every cent (could have been three bucks cheaper at home) and every minute of the film. I am very anxious for that to come out on DVD, I have The Dark Knight on DVD already so this and Batman Begins will be my Trilogy Collection which is pretty neat! I have recently found out that I really love movies! It has become a hobby of mine now and I am officially announcing that I will probably go broke in the months to come just from going to midnight releases of Blockbuster films! I have come to terms with that being a new passion of mine and Lord Willing no one else will be able to smuggle shotguns and assault rifles into anymore premieres.

In closing, I can say that I was amazed that in this week I did not have any follies! Maybe that's why my week didn't seem so full and went by so fast! God is good and I am glad that AAPD, Wal-Mart and MEAF has allowed me to have the DC Experience this summer. Working full time this summer was sort of a challenge as the weeks progressed because it is the first time I have done so in three years so I would like to give myself a pat on the back. Thank goodness that I will have 17 days left when I get home before school starts! On the contrary, about 14 of those days will still consist of me running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Bills to be paid, classes to be scheduled, cars/motorcycles to be purchased and applications to be filled out; I appreciate weekends a lot more than I used to, but I prefer to be busy way more than to have idle time on my hands! Here's to being PRODUCTIVE because now 24 hours isn't enough time for me in a day!

I have much love for everyone, I enjoyed my time here this summer! This is not a goodbye but only an...

Until next time

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