Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blog 10

Note to reader: I have not spell checked this document so that you can see my dyelxic spelling

What a fabulous summer it has been. I can’t beleave how fast it has gone by and how much I have done at my internship. My supervisior had me put to gether a list of the projects I have accomplished this summer—wow, I have done a lot! I think the last couple weeks have been the best of the summer. All the pieaces have come together and I am really feeling at home at the office as well as making use of some of the connections I fourged earler in the summer. It makes me think that coming back next summer would be a highly productive use of my time—allowing me to really make the most of what I have done this year.

I would also like to take this time to think AAPD for putting together a strong program and allowing us all to have this wonderful opertunity. It has been an exsperence that has trully shaped my furture. My perceptions of public policy have sifted and I have gained a much greater respect for the federal government. I am aware of so many more recources and connections then I was when I arrived here in DC. I feel much more ready to take the plunge into employment, even though I still have a couple years before I will need to do so. Yet I know that I am on the cusp of a major shift. I am ready to begin. It is the end of the beginning!   

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