Monday, August 6, 2012

Almost Gone

I couldn’t have asked for a better second-to-last week. I got to spend quality time with other interns, people from my office, and got to meet Senator Roy Blunt. In spending the evening in the company of Rak and Ben, I learned of breakfasts held by Senators in order to get to know their constituents. I went to my Senator’s website, and learned that he was having what he calls a “Missouri Morning” the next day. I went and was able to meet and take pictures with Senator Blunt. He was a very nice gentleman, and was interested in my time in Washington. Realizing that I only had a week left caused me to slow down and take everything in a bit more. I went to the Nationals game on Thursday with a couple guys from work and had a great time. It was my fourth Nationals game, and, like the other three, was awesome. The Nats went on to win, and the night was good. I also spent more time hanging out with my roommate Rak, who is a great guy. We hung out pretty much all weekend, and got to know each other even better. It’s going to be very sad to leave DC in less than a week, but I will forever cherish my time here. My final week promises to be another great one, as if I would expect any less. I will definitely be spending more time with the great people I have come to know here, and will have a heavy heart come Saturday. Signing off, Paul

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