Sunday, May 29, 2011

Arriving in DC

YAY! I am finally in Washington, D.C.! After weeks of waiting and planning it feels great to finally be here. Now that I am here, I am exhausted - but in a good way. AAPD has planned a jam-packed orientation during the day, and I have spent the nights getting to know the other interns and figuring out my way around the big city (my hometown in Illinois doesn't have any public transportation so learning to use the Metro was a little overwhelming at first). So far the highlights for me have been getting to know my apartment-mates and meeting my mentor for the summer Pat Wright. In addition to meeting Pat, we have had the chance to meet and learn from some pretty cool and important people in the disability community. Being in D.C. hasn't all been about work though and I plan to take advantage of the three-day weekend and start seeing the sites of the city. I hope to see the National Portrait Gallery and the White House since I missed them when I visited D.C. before. If anyone has any suggestions of places I must go or things I must see, let me know. Until next week...



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  1. Hi Amber,
    It's Alec from the Internship. I would suggest seeing: the beautiful Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress, the touching U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the National Archives, where the Declaration, Constitution, and other key documents are kept on display. All are 100% free, although you may wish to stop at the Holocaust Museum earlier in the day, because tickets run out fast!
    Take care!


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