Sunday, August 16, 2009

A week back home, by Mitch Paschen

My picture this last post is me in front of Ford's theater.

Well, I've been home a week and I already miss DC. Slowly, I have had to get back to my life back in Wisconsin. I have been very busy this last week seeing friends, taking care of business for school, and slowly moving myself into my apartment in Whitewater.

My last week in DC, a few other interns and I went to Ford's theater and the Peterson house. It was a nice way to end the summer. After that, I decided just for the fun of it to go to the Wheaton Metro station, which happens to be the home of the second longest continuous escalator ride in the world and the longest in the US at 230 feet.

As far as a nice welcome home, it was pouring rain when I arrived home. The next day and a half were more humid and hot than most days I had while in DC. Anyway, since then, the weather has been very pleasant. I have gotten used to driving a car again, and I even got to go to the state fair.

I can barely wait until school starts. This fall I am taking a Geography of Europe class, an IT security class, a marketing class, an operations management class, and marching band. I was also chosen to speak at the opening of our new business building. One student from each department was chosen, and I was picked in the Information Technology Business Education department.

I can't wait to be back in DC again next year to work.

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  1. We are already missing your enthusiasm for life and exploring DC here, Mitch! You were by far the most involved DC-explorer intern we have ever had, and if I had an award to give you for that, I would. I look forward to asking you to advise our future interns on how to make the most of their time in DC, because you certainly did!

    Have a great semester,


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