Sunday, July 1, 2012

Witnessing History in the Making

On Thursday morning I walked into work and went about my usual routine: changed out of my street shoes, put on a cardigan to aid against the heavy blast of the AC, turned on my computer and walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. However, there was nothing routine about this morning. It was the morning the Supreme Court was going to make its decision about the Obama Healthcare Law. Rather than the usual small talk, rustle of papers, and the sound of fingertips clacking on keyboards, everyone was immersed in deep conversation around a television in the conference room. When the decision was announced that the law was deemed constitutional, I realized that was watching history unfold before my eyes. The passing of this law has great implications on our society, especially for people with pre-existing conditions and disabilities as it means affordable healthcare for all. I couldn’t think about a more exciting time to be living and working in Washington…

It's hard to believe that its already been five weeks since I’ve flew into D.C. to start my internship. In the beginning I felt like I was living in a dream, but now it has become a regular part of my life. By now I’ve walked past the white house and the capitol on multiple occasions on the way to a conference or yet another hearing. On Tuesday I wasn’t even fazed that I was sitting and conversing with congressmen or that I got a picture with Senator Harkin at the Roll on Capitol Hill Awards Reception. I have gotten used to being served questionable gourmet foods and have even accepted the fact that it is way easier to find a Starbucks than a restaurant that is open on weekends. I have gotten used to not only the political atmosphere that defines this city, but I also feel myself finally adjusting to the lifestyle of the East Coast...

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