Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Red, White & Blue

I've always enjoyed summertime; the smell of freshly cut grass, the refreshing feel of jumping into a pool on a hot day or best of all....celebrating our country's birthday on the fourth of July. Back home the fourth always consisted of me spending the day strawberry picking with my mom and turning them into her famous jam. My dad would grill out brats for dinner on the porch and then we would all head to Culvers for their $1 lemon ice specials. Finally around dusk we would drive out to our local fairgrounds, blankets in hand to watch the fireworks before heading home to shoot off some of our own. What makes this Fourth of July even more special is that I was not only able to celebrate with my family, but we were able to celebrate at our nation's capitol. I spent the day giving my family a tour of the monuments and watching the parade that commenced on Constitution Avenue before heading over to the west lawn of the capitol for the "A Capitol Fourth" concert and fireworks that lit up the beautiful night sky over the Washington monument. In all my time here thus far, I never felt more at home than I did in that moment…

In the six weeks I’ve been here, I realized that I spent the majority of my time as a resident of D.C. than as a tourist.  As a result, in the five days my family was here, I saw more of D.C. than I had since I arrived. We visited the air and space museum, museum of natural history, national archives, international spy museum, national portrait gallery, sculpture garden, library of congress and even Gallaudet University to name a few. Even five days though was not enough time to really experience D.C. Thus, one of the very benefits of this internship is being able to do just that: experience D.C. as both a temporary resident and a long-term tourist.

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