Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally Getting in the Swing of Things

By now I’ve gotten into the swing of things. The 7:30am wake-ups, the 30 min metro rides to work and even the lunch break runs to the store. As I pour my first cup of coffee and sit down at my desk that is now decorated with my name plate and read my e-mail, I now feel a sense of importance. This week I was given the task of helping prepare for a meeting we are hosting on the 24th of July as well as to write a couple blogs about transitioning from college to the workforce. 

On Thursday we had the opportunity to listen in on the HELP committee’s hearing regarding Olmstead and the inclusion of people with disabilities in the community.
Thursday was also the first day of our office’s Intern Brown Bag Luncheon series. We listened to our president talk about the history of IEL while eating the food we each brought from home. Strawberry pastries were even provided for dessert. We then each had to write down something interesting about ourselves and place the cards in a bucket. The objective was to try to correctly match up as many interns to their card as possible. It was a great way to get to know the other interns working for IEL as I don’t get a chance to interact with the interns from the other departments within IEL as much as those within the CWD (Center for Workforce Development).

One highlight of my week other than attending the FDR memorial tour on Saturday, was meeting with my mentor, Seth Bravin for lunch. Between the small talk and catching up from our last meeting, he was also able to provide me with a lot of good advice and even some potential job opportunities in the future. With our similarities in interests, I am looking forward to our next visit.

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